Position of the Head of Duty Audit Office

Investigator Company: An firm that makes inquiries because of its clients and customers. It is a business that provides different organizations or gives business services. An exclusive detective is a person employed to investigate an offense, hold watch on a suspected person or make other inquiries for his customers. Investigator agencies provide several services for persons and corporations like protection audits, corporate investigations, personality verifications, matrimonial investigations, marital investigations (pre & post), phone call searching, email monitoring, GPS monitoring, SWOT examination, background investigations, employment verifications, theft examination, blackmail investigations and many more.

Because of the increasing crime rate and raising competition in corporations, the number of individual detective agencies also increased in India. Delhi the money of India has several small and major investigator agencies. Here I am list some of the investigator agencies in Delhi which are giving research solutions allover India. 探偵 比較

Investigator in India: It's one of many detective agencies in Delhi offers study services allover India, USA and Canada. This study provider has company in market 8-C, Chandigarh. They offer particular and corporate research services. The personal investigator investigators are skilled and specialist in their fields.

Indian Detective Agency: It's an exclusive detective organization in Delhi that provides a variety of detective and investigation services to persons and corporate organizations. In the wake of today's complex and tense life style, it is now necessary to possess an alternative party verification of information, if one expects to build an enduring relationship based on trust and faith. Their company is situated at Moti Bagh 2, New Delhi.

AB Detectives: Still another organization in Delhi India that's the premier source for investigative services, monitoring, information and forgery recognition nationwide. They investigate the Identification, Status, Perform, Affiliations, Associations, Actions and Whereabouts of any individual including - Employees, Company Lovers, Spouses, Debtors, Witnesses, Family relations, Lacking Person, Buddies, Wards, etc. Their office situated at Kasturba Gandhi Marg, Connaught Position, New Delhi.


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